Conservation without borders

Conservation without borders

We know that it is necessary to join efforts to promote conservation and sustainability throughout the region. 
Between Amazon Planet and Taricaya, we provide a safe habitat for local wildlife and we are an example that it is possible to use natural resources sustainably, but we need more help!

Various organizations have worked in the area without a long term plan or just using the local communities as a means to an end and when the money has dried up, the projects and the participants have been left high and dry. This has resulted, and justifiably so, in general mistrust of people trying to help. Our efforts have always been for a greater cause and we are now in a position to help the locals with projects that have proven to be sustainable. We know that local people are receptive to our ideas and the passive approach we have adopted from the beginning is opening doors for us to reach those in need and achieve a positive change.

We actively work together with communities around us through our projects that combine education and conservation to ensure the sustainability of the ecosystem and of the communities that depend on it.

Through our various tourist programs, you can explore and have fun in the jungle learning about the work we do and join forces to participate in the conservation of the Amazon and contribute to the development of the communities around us.

Want to help further? be part of our team!

Do you have a passion for nature and want to experience life in the rainforest? Stay longer and help us out in the different activities we develop in the Lodge, with the tourists and with the local communities. And if you have an expertise that you can apply here, even better!

Cannot stay longer? help from abroad!

If you truly believe in our cause and want to help us do more tell your friends about us! Have them visit Amazon Planet!
Fell in love with one of the projects? DONATE! We are open to any kind of donation: money, medicine, educational material, clothes, equipment and any other thing you can think of that might help the forest, the animals and the people in need living in our area.

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