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The tribe of indigenous people known as Esa Eja is an ethnic group belonging to either of two lines: the Tacana-speaking Arawak, who migrated from the west, and those of Pano origin, who come from the lower reaches of the Madera River.

This tribe is the original population of the Madre de Dios River and used to wonder the forest as nomads living in direct contact with nature. Around 100 years ago, missionaries arrived to Puerto Maldonado and took the native groups out of the forest forcing them to change their beliefs. They established in sedentary communities to become part of the globalized world but were not given many options for economic development other than selling what they can take from the rainforest. Today this is not a sustainable alternative for them and many live in very poor conditions.

Just 10 minutes upriver from us lives a family of this tribe and in 2009 Taricaya starts an ecotouristic project with them. As a more sustainable economic alternative for their livelihood we encouraged our neighbours to receive visitors and show them how their tribe used to live in the rainforest before they were conquered.

VISIT THE NATIVE FAMILY! Meet Enrique and his family, direct descendants of the Ese-Eja tribe. Have a personal experience as they teach you about their ancestral culture and heritage, see what they used to wear, watch Enrique make fire out of the blue and make your own native bow and arrow with him. Finally, the women of the family display their natural handcrafts for sale, which is also an economic means for them.

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