Taricaya Reserve

Taricaya Reserve

Taricaya Ecological Reserve

Taricaya Ecological Reserve is an eco-touristic concession of 476 ha and a non-profit organisation dedicated since 2001 to biodiversity conservation and sustainable management of natural resources in the Amazon rainforest of Madre de Dios, Peru. Volunteers from all over the world come to help in the different projects developed in the Reserve and around the area.

Volunteering at Taricaya

Located inside the Reserve, just 1km from Amazon Planet Lodge is the TARICAYA RESEARCH CENTER. The staff and volunteers of Taricaya live and work in this area.



Main Living Areas: Consist of a dining room for volunteers and staff, main kitchen, volunteers’ kitchenette, reading area, restrooms.
Cabins: All cabins have a main bedroom, private bathroom and terrace. The room is designed for 4 volunteers, when at full capacity, of the same gender in bunkbeds.
Sheets, mosquito nets, towels, toiletries and personal hygiene products are NOT provided.
Cabins are thoroughly cleaned by the staff in charge when empty. When occupied by the volunteers 1 to 4 it is their responsibility to keep them clean. Cleaning items and products are provided.
Hammocks area: Outside the cabins there is an area with hammocks to relax outdoors.
Lecture and TV room: Between the dining room and the cabins. This common area is used to enjoy a movie in your free time when the generator is on and for the lectures and talks related to the projects.
Lab and workshop: Is a two-story house where staff and volunteers work on the different data processing and maintenance activities.



Transfers: Car and river transfers: Airport – Taricaya Research Centre – Airport are provided.


Energy: We use a gasoline generator for power at the Centre and to avoid too much emission of Greenhouse gases we only turn it on for periods of the day:

  • In the morning for breakfast and early activities
  • Between 11am and 2pm for lunch and rest between activities
  • Between 5:30pm to 9pm.

During these times you can turn on lights and charge batteries in the main house or your cabin. Power is 220V so make sure you bring an adapter in case of 110V devices. Please avoid the use of hair dryers/hair straighteners or irons, they can cause blown fuses.


Water: We use water from the creek that is pumped to sedimentation tanks and purified for the main area and kitchen areas.


DRINKING WATER-Water in the kitchen is purified to drink safely.  Water in the cabins comes straight from the creek. For precaution we recommend not to drink this tap water. There is no hot water in the bathrooms. Please notify the staff if you find a leak.


Meals: Served in the dining room, they are prepared in the main kitchen by the cook in charge. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are prepared freshly and the weekly menu is of Peruvian homemade food. Special diet requirements are catered to.

The kitchenette is equipped for volunteers to wash their dishes, etc. and prepare, serve and store any extra food or snacks.


Waste Management: We use the 3Rs: reduce, reuse, and recycle. Please separate your waste in the designated bins.

Activities: From Monday to Friday the volunteer coordinator sets the daily schedule for the activities of the week that will vary depending on the ongoing projects. Please be aware that some of our projects are seasonal.

Schedule of activities is:

  • From 5:00am to 7:00am (2 times a week)
  • From 8:00am to 11:30am
  • From 2:30pm to 5:00pm

Communications: We are happy to say there is NO SIGNAL for phone or internet in the Reserve but there is a spot for signal in case of emergencies. Ask the volunteer coordinator for access.


Safety measures: We do not offer medical insurance. We firmly recommend coming to Peru with a travel medical insurance. Follow the volunteer coordinator´s instructions. Respect the wildlife around you. Follow the rules of the Reserve. Use lifejackets when on the river. Smoking is allowed outside the main house, your cabins, hammocks area, etc. but not inside, on the boats or during activities in the rainforest. Take a flashlight or torch at night. Apply repellent constantly to avoid bites.


Weekend in Puerto Maldonado city: Every Saturday 7am the boat goes into the city. Volunteers can take that boat to spend the night in Puerto by themselves (expenses are NOT covered). In the city they can access internet, do laundry, enjoy a restaurant meal and experience Puerto Maldonado city. Boat comes back into the Reserve Sunday at 3:30pm.


Footwear: During the rainy season we recommend using rubber boots for to walk along the trails. Bring your own pair but we do have some pairs of different sizes for your use. To walk inside the Center facilities please take off your shoes or boots.


Health and medical: We have a first aid kit at the Centre in case of minor injuries or sickness. There is a local clinic in the city in case of major emergencies.

Please consult your local doctor/travel clinic for vaccine and medical advice for the area we are located.


Extra Information: All the information on the program can be found in the supporting PDF document-Taricaya Volunteer Program and all the information and aims of the projects can be found in the supporting PDF document: Taricaya Ecological Reserve- Project Info and Goals.


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