Since the Reserve´s conception in 2001 Taricaya has received over 2200 volunteers and since then we continuously work hard to improve and evolve our existing projects whilst simultaneously striving for new ways to raise awareness and promote the conservation of tropical rainforests.


Among the projects developed in the Reserve are:

WILDLIFE RESEARCH: Every year biodiversity is studied within the reserve to better understand and preserve the flora and fauna in the area.

AGROFORESTAL and mahogany trees PROJECT: In 2001 an agroforestry system starts on a plot of 2000 m2 as an example of sustainable agriculture and reforestation.

You can see how mahogany, cedar, flowers and tropical fruits have grown to create a productive forest area and allow the recovery and sustainable use of it. The project seeks to provide a sustainable alternative for land use to local communities.

TARICAYA RESCUE CENTER: Since 2004 Taricaya rescue center shelters wild animals confiscated by the local authority from people who took them away from the forest. These animals arrive wounded, sick or malnourished and enter a rehabilitation program so we can release them back into their natural habitat and promote recovery of the local fauna.


OBSERVATION PLATFORMS: In 2005 the CANOPY WALKWAY was built, a suspension bridge of 90 mts long that take you up to a platform on top of a 300 years old Kapok Tree at 45m, the highest point in the jungle for nature observation. The staff and volunteers use it as one of the monitoring points for birds.


TARICAYA TURTLE PROJECT: In 2006 the Taricya turtle repopulation project starts to save this endangered species from local people retrieving eggs for consumption and sale. The staff and volunteers collect the eggs between July and September to relocate them in the artificial beaches inside the reserve until they hatch between October and November and then the baby turtles are released into their natural habitat.


BUTTERFLY PROJECT: In 2010 the Butterfly house is created to learn about the biology of these animals and sustainably managing them as an alternative of the use of wildlife for commercial purposes.


COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT: Since 2001 Taricaya is working with various local communities, including the Association of farmers Juan Pablo and the native community of Palma Real, in environmental education and natural resource management programs.



Taricaya as a NON PROFIT ORGANIZATION so we appreciate every additional contribution for the projects!


Fell in love with one of them? You can DONATE! We are open to any kind of donation: money, medicine for the animals, educational material for the native school, clothes for the native community and any other thing you can think of that might help the forest, the animals and the people in need living in our area. We will make sure your donation goes straight to the specific cause you want to help!


Extra Information: All the information on the program can be found in the supporting PDF document-Taricaya Volunteer Program and all the information and aims of the projects can be found in the supporting PDF document: Taricaya Ecological Reserve- Project Info and Goals.


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