Green Living

Green Living

Have you ever wondered how much do you need to live and how much do you use?
In Amazon Planet, we are aware that our actions to satisfy our needs as humans have a deep impact in nature.
This is why we practice a responsible use of natural resources to reduce our impact on our ecosystem.
As a guest you become part of the Amazon Planet family, so please follow our green living, and learn more about it so you can do the same back home to reduce your impact on our planet.


Commandments of the Responsible Tourist at Amazon Planet

  • Inform yourself about the history, nature and culture of the place you are visiting.
  • Live harmoniously with nature. Observe it from a distance, without disrupting the habitat, do not collect, handle or attract wildlife. At the Taricaya Rescue Center, do not touch or feed the animals.
  • Respect the silence. Allow yourself to enjoy the sounds of nature; it is a great way to learn about it. Our bungalows are not sound proof so respect the other guests.
  • Use resources, like energy and water, with moderation. Remember they are limited resources.
  • Do not litter. Keep waste with you until you find the designated bins at the Lodge.
  • Do not smoke. Only in designated areas. Be careful with fire; do not leave candles on and unattended.
  • Walk on the marked trails and do not separate from your group. Do not swim in the river without your guide and always use the lifejacket when in the boat.
  • Make sure that the only print you leave is your footprint.
  • Share with your friends and family the possibility of experiencing what you have.
  • Donate or support the conservation and community projects we develop in the area.

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