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Rescue Center

The Taricaya Rescue Center shelters various species of animals, derived mostly from confiscations by the National Institute in charge of flora and fauna. The animals enter the center in order to be rehabilitated and if possible returned to their natural habitat.

At the beginning of the rehabilitation process, the animals go into quarantine, receiving a complete medical and biological evaluation, after which they continue the rehabilitation program giving them back the proper physical and behavioral conditions their species requires to survive back in their natural habitat.

The Rescue Center provides each animal with food, a suitable environment and the necessary medical treatment. These animals are also constantly under the care of the technical staff who are responsible for assuring that every part of the rehabilitation process has the optimum conditions to ensure the welfare of each animal. As well, the staff develop various research, environmental and educational projects for the conservation of the species at the center.

The care, rehabilitation, releases and monitoring of each animal involves a big budget, so your contribution significantly helps to improve the quality of life for many animals and the conservation of their natural habitat.

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