Our cabins

Our cabins are comfortable independent spaces with a master bedroom, private bathroom and terrace. Distributed at a close distance to provide security within the forest, but separated enough from each other to maintain privacy.

Tambopata Lodge Bedroom
Tambopata Lodge Terrace
Tambopata Lodge Bedroom 2
Tambopata Cabin

Jungle superior (twin)

2 double beds.

Forest view. Ideal for friends, brothers or sisters or to share rooms (note that sharing rooms is available when there is another individual guest of the same gender).

For: 2 or 4pax, No additional cost to your chosen program.

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Tambopata Lodge Bedroom 3
Tambopata Lodge Terrace 2
Tambopata Lodge Bedroom 4
Tambopata Cabin 2

Jungle superior (double)

1 double bed

Forest view. Ideal for couples who want to rest and enjoy nature and the sounds of the forest that surrounds them during their stay. Or for a single traveler who wants complete privacy and comfort.

Total: 2pax, No additional cost to your chosen program. Additional single bed (3pax): US $30

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Tambopata Lodge Bedroom 5
Tambopata Lodge Bedroom 6
Tambopata Lodge Terrace 3
Tambopata Cabin 3

Jungle superior (triple)

3 single beds.

Forest view. 03 single beds. It is perfect for friends, or in case of family children sleeping in their own cabin. Also, for parents with 01 boy or girl we have room w/01 double bed and 01 single bed.

Total: 3pax, No additional cost to your chosen program.

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Tambopata Lodge Bedroom 7
Tambopata Lodge Bedroom 8
Tambopata Lodge Terrace 4
Tambopata Cabin 4

Family superior

1 double bed and 02 single beds

River view. 2 independent rooms connected by an inside door. 1 double bed and 02 single beds are the perfect option for the family's jungle experience. Parents can maintain their privacy and listen to the children in the next room.

Total: 4pax, No additional cost to your chosen program. Additional bunk bed (5pax): US $ 30

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Tambopata Lodge Bedroom 9
Tambopata Lodge Bedroom 10
Tambopata Lodge Terrace 5
Tambopata Cabin 5

River view suite

01 queen size bed

The best view of the river. Ideal for couples and newlyweds in their special celebration. Room with a queen size bed, private bathroom, sofa area and terrace. The additional cost already includes Wine & Fruits Special.

Total: 2pax, Additional cost to the chosen program: US $ 80, Additional sofa bed (3pax): U $ 20

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Tambopata Lodge Bedroom 11
Tambopata Lodge Bedroom 12
Tambopata Lodge Bedroom 13
Tambopata Cabin 6

Jungle deluxe

1 king size bed

River view. Ideal if you want extra space during your stay. The cabin is like your mini house in the jungle, main room with 01 king size bed, living room, small dining room and rest area all connected. The additional cost already includes Wine & Fruits Special. For families you can add 01 or 02 single beds.

Total: 2pax, Additional cost: US $ 120. Additional single bed (3 to 4pax): US $ 30 per bed

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Services and Facilities

At Amazon Planet we strive to give each traveler the best with excellent quality facilities and services, designed to truly respect the forest and live harmoniously connected to its biodiversity.


Check in / check out

Reception in the lodge

Relaxing area

Room service



Warm water

Drinking water

Sheets and towels





Solid waste

Launry service

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Discover Amazonia

Through our all-inclusive tourism programs, you can explore and venture into the rainforest, learn about the conservation work we support as our ally, and relax, have fun and disconnect from your routine in contact with nature. Travel alone, as a couple, as a family, with friends, in groups, etc. Ideal for all types of travelers

FYI: Rates here are a reference per person for the all-inclusive program. The number of days specified in duration of each program include the day you come into and the day you come out of the Lodge. Those days DO NOT count as a full day experience. Please read with attention your chosen itinerary for more details.